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"Dancing In nThe Stars"
Artist: Donna Meke'da Bradley
Acrylic on Canvas, 18"x 20"

"Right to Life Freedom and Safety"
Artist: Virginia Jourdan
Acrylic-24" x 36"

"Miss Mary"
Artist: Julee Richardson
Ceramic sculpture with glaze
and oxides 16" x 14"w

"Ancestral Matriarch"
Artist: John Broussard
Charcoal and Crayon 25" x 38"

Artist: Marva Reed
Ceramic Bust 17.5" x 8"

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"Best Friends"
Artist: Renata Gray

"The Making of A Queen"
Artist: Courageous Cunningham
Charcoal and graphite
on Somerset paper 22" x 29"

"Mother and Child"
Artist: Julie Atkinson
Oil and fabric on canvas panel
without the frame 10” x 8”

"Mrs Mangum's Daughter"
Artist: Ira Watkins
Pastel on canvas 16" X 20"

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"Kali's Crew"
Artist: Val Kai
Color Photograph 11" x 14"

"A Moment To Reflect"
Artist: Tomye
Gouache & Photo Collage 24" x 30"

"San Francisco Mayor London Breed"
Artist: Thomas Robert Simpson
Color photograph

"From the Hill and Beyond #1"
Artist: MalikHeru Seneferu
Acrylic on canvas, 36" Sq.

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"Eve and Her Daughters"
Artist: Ajuan Mance
8.5" x 11", ink and
digital collage on paper

Artist: TheArthur Wright

Artist: Asual Kwahuumba
Color Photograph 60" x 44"

"2018 Mother of the Year"
Artist: Ron Calime
photo 16" x 20"

"We Did This!"
Artist: Chuck Harlins
Black and White Photo ” 10” x 8”

The Black Family Through the Artist Eye

A Virtual Show

African American Historical & Cultural Society

African American Historical & Cultural Society

“The Black Family Through the Artist Eye: A Virtual exhibit celebrating Black History month in 2021.

The virtual exhibit, The Black Family Through the Artist Eye reflects the theme for this year’s Black History month, The Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity. The exhibit, created in collaboration with the Art of the African Diaspora, presents a wide range of images that Bay Area black artist found to be reflective of elements representing the Black family.

The diversity and configurations of the Black family, of any family, is limitless as is suggested in the exhibit. eighteen artists are presenting fifty original works of art using different media including paintings, porcelain, photography, drawings and sculptures.

Viewing the exhibit virtually, not only allows you immediate viewing of the artwork provided by the artist specifically for the exhibit but also provides you with information about the art pieces as well as the artists. In addition, you will have the option to visit virtually the artist gallery. Some of the artwork will be for sale and available through the artist’s website.

Please access the virtual exhibit by using the African America Historical & Cultural Society’s website (, go to the events page and click on “The Black Family Through the Artist Eye”.

Specials thanks go out to members of the Art of the African Diaspora organization, Ms. Tomye Neal Madison, Virginia Jourdan and Mr. Stephen Bruce, whose support has been crucial to realizing the creation of this exhibit. The technical support of David Bellard, CI Studios and Micky Lee, webmaster has been outstanding and is most appreciated.

William Hoskins, Curator

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