Virginia Jourdan

Artist Statement

A human right is one of the fundamental rights required for living with dignity. Because they are inherent and beyond challenge. No one has the authority to remove these rights, because they came from God.

I paint about living with dignity.

Artist Bio

Virginia enjoyed art even as child and continued pursuing her passion and developing her talents through college. She attended the University of Washington where she honed her skills in painting, then went on to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she received her BFA in Illustration. Virginia moved to New York and worked as a freelance Illustrator for commercial jobs before returning to the Bay Area where she began focusing on fine art to allow for more creative freedom. Virginia continued developing her talents while studying abroad, attending painting workshops in Italy and China. She is also talented in printmaking and sculpture. Her artwork, featured at exhibitions across the country, includes several commissioned works. Virginia lives in Richmond, California and recently illustrated her first children’s book, Granny, Who is God? written by Carmen Bogan.

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