Val Kai

Artist Statement


When I think about the Black Family, 2 things come to mind. Trauma and survival. Family trauma is a constant issue for the Black Family. Our Families have been broken by slavery, economics, finances and the many laws against Black people that deter progress, throughout history.

And still we have survived. Our Families continue to reek of problems but we manage to stay strong, grow and come together. Be together and SMILE. My photos show, are testimony, that our Families are often broken but remain intact.

I know understand that this entry is late. Please contact me and let me know what you are doing with Artist Statement piece of my submission.


Val Kai / Photographer

Artist Bio

Being exposed to Art and the Art world is how Val started. First she began studying Music then Dance and painting. Along with these endeavors, there was her camera. Her camera was present from High School on. Ever present, Photography slowly became her main vehicle of expression.

Creating, capturing and preserving moments, documenting the Bay Area Black Experience, is Val’s overall artistic vision. All facets of her work present a world of images. A world where she creates, shares and grows.


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