Ron Calime

Artist Statement

The Black Family is a Village, made with the recipe of Life and Heart in so many facets, that nurtures the earth in its lightness and darkness, all the ingredients that make up so many complexions of Blackness. The Black Family, birthed by the Mothers who are the Lovers of Life, harmonizing with the rhythms and vibrations of the Universe, traversing time. I am the Black Family, exuding the essence, beauty, royalty, and joy gifted to me, in this shade of Blackness, kissed by the Sun.

Artist Bio

Ron is a photo artist and multi-disciplined CAD Design Drafter, who has worked on projects from the far reaches of space, and to the ocean’s abyss. From his use of a T-Square to the everyday usage of Computer Aided Design. He has learned what it means to capture “Moments in Time”, as a photo artist. By seeing colors, shapes, and movement that can only be captured and frozen in time.

Ron captures, clouds, reflections, colors, and movement. As an avid music fan, having played French horn, trumpet, and trombone, he sees colors in sound. Having an interest in the study of horology, Ron uses the working of technology, engineering, and art to form the mechanism of tracking time, which helped him to evolve his creative intellect.

Exhibits and Publications:

The Art of Living Black_2018 – Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

Oakstop14_2019 – Oakland, CA

Joyce Gordon Gallery_2018 – Oakland, CA

The Art of the African Diaspora_2019 – Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

Women’s Cancer Resource Center_2020 – Berkeley, CA

Jingletown Art Studio_2020 – Oakland, CA

ARTPUSH – 2020 Eastbay Artist book – Alameda, CA

San Francisco Woman Art Gallery 2021 – San Francisco, CA

Jurors Choice Award

Pottery Barn – Pleasanton, CA

The Art of the African Diaspora_2021 – Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA


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