Marva Reed

Artist Statement

Rejoice, for today does not define you.  You are classic, history-rich, brilliant and enduring.  Before there was a YOU, there was a civilization of Ancestors that one day would be there to shape and refine you.  Generation through generation until there was you.  They looked at the sky and saw science.  They saw in the reflection of the water a way of life.  On earth, they grew, cultivated, and demanded respect while giving it back.  Generation upon generation you were built on and here you are still able to grow.

Don’t weep because of today, bow to the ancestors so they may remind you of who you are.

Today You are an Ancestors reincarnate.  Prosper!

Artist Bio

Hi, my name is Marva I am a Figurative Clay Sculptress. I love the feel of clay and the way it molds into my imagination. I am not self-taught my first teacher was the world-known Gene Pearson, from Jamacia. He encouraged me to take classes at local art centers, which I did.

To make my art, I usually start with researching the history of a people. Other times I will see or hear about something and mold the clay into a story. From this research, I imagine who the people were, what they looked like, and their pride in their culture. From there I mold the clay into my figurative version of the story.

In my spare time I am very active in my community of Richmond, Ca.  There are a lot of cultural stimulating organizations that I volunteer with. While volunteering I’m learning the valuable skill of how to communicate with a diverse population.

I hope you enjoy the visual of my family and make your own story.

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