John Broussard

Artist Statement

Family is the most basic unit of any society.  If families which comprise the society thrive, so does the society itself.  Preserving and or reclaiming one’s family history enables family members to understand what their ancestors have sacrificed and endured, how they got to where they are now, and how to chart and preserve their future.

Artist Bio

John B. Broussard is a second generation native of Oakland California. He began drawing at age seven and as a child was exposed to art activities by his mother. He refers to Art as his “first love” because it provided an avenue through which to pass his free time. This was especially important because he had no playmates. In secondary schools he took a few art classes.  However, more extensive studio art classes were taken many years later as an Art student at U.C. Berkeley.

In 2018 Broussard retired from a career in teaching and began art making activity again in earnest soon after.


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