Courageous Cunningham

Artist Statement

The grand illusions and unmistakable truths of the great masters have captivated me from the moment my eyes were able to focus. Like the masters before me, I seek truth through creating my art.

Today I know that I am the truth and art is the vehicle which brings me closer to that which I seek. This exploration of self comes from a culmination of times of antiquity and the present. I often choose people as subjects to explore spirituality, social injustice, human behavior, size acceptance, and sexuality. My desire is to make an indelible mark on the lives of those who view my art.

The images I create are to honor our ancestors, our elders and our youth by presenting positive, provocative, and passionate artwork from the soul.

I stand on the shoulders of the master artists who have come before me. As I draw inspiration from them I seek to empower people through my visions. My desire is for my art to be relative, informative, and transformative. I will always create with the thought that there is a responsibility and accountability to my community and to my God, the master artist of all creations.

“Go! Be ye of great courage, and creativity shall become your companion and servant.”

~ Courageous 

Artist Bio

Born in Detroit, Michigan. Courageous, a self taught artist, is best known as a colorist who creates detailed oil paintings, provocative mix media images and custom furniture. References of spirituality, nature, and whimsical elements can be found in much of his work. The use of highly detail portraits and figurative subjects often taken center stage in his compositions.

Courageous showed artistic promise early on in his mouth. He began honing his skills by drawing portraits of family members and celebrities. While studying architecture and design at Texas Southern University he met master artist John Biggers. Inspired by the murals of Biggers and the master artist of the renaissance period, he began to earnestly refine his ability to draw proficiently using graphite and charcoal. Early works depicted African American life of antiquity as well as current day narratives.

As Courageous sought a greater understanding of art and himself, he chose to express himself through various mediums; charcoal, pastels, airbrush, oil paint, and wood carving. The functional yet whimsy furniture of Mackenzie Childs inspired the artist to create avant guard sculptures and furniture. The youthful and charming nature of Childs creations would shape the artist work thereafter.

Influenced by his education in architecture and design, his three dimensional works began to exude spacial depth and architectural attributes. Spiritual significance, cultural dialogue and aesthetic have been inseparable companions throughout his career. Past experiences and future forecasts are incapsulated in each work or art to create timeless objects of grandeur.

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