Chuck Harlins

Artist Statement

I interpret the theme as being one that encompasses all of the rich and diverse ways a family unit comes together to continue to grow and progress. There is not one way and there is not always an easy way but there is a way.

Artist Bio

I Started learning photography during my teen years while watching my father in our closet converted darkroom at home. I became so fascinated by the process of picture taking and print development, that each time he went into the darkroom, I tried to squeeze in right behind him. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Finally while at Berkeley High School, I bought my first camera – a Russian made Zenit and off I went snapping everything my tiny budget would allow. There was no digital photography back then and the cost of film, paper, and solutions were quite staggering for a teen. As time moved on my priorities changed and with that, photography in my life slowed down as I began raising a family.

Around the year 2000, my photography interest re-emerged and took off as if it had never left. Since then, I have been completely immersed in this beautiful art, learning whenever, however, and from whomever I can. Whether it is a formal classroom setting, an onsite week long workshop, or even a youtube tutorial, I am going to soak it all in. My family and friends urged me to look into becoming a professional photographer and I started “Chuck Harlins Photography”. My passion for this art lies primarily with Landscapes, Seascapes, Street Photography and candid Portraits. My goal with my landscape/seascape photography is to share and bring the beauty to you. Witness the beauty over and over again, and hopefully it will bring you to a place of calm, peace and tranquility. For street and portrait photography, my goal has always been to capture the essence of the human, to show the beauty and diversity, the emotions as much as I can capture them.

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