Asual Kwahuumba

Artist Statement

We as INDIGENOUS PEOPLE continue to Follow the Practice, Guidance and Knowledge of Our ELDERS….ANCESTRIAL…. OVERSTANDING…. 

Artist Bio

Asual Aswad Kwahuumba is a visual artist originally from Washington D.C. who specializes in photography, printmaking and fabric design. He graduated from City College of San Francisco with an Associate of Science degree in photography and printing technology; a Bachelor of Arts degree from California College of Arts and Craft (CCAC) degree with a focus in glass and textiles.

Aswad has exhibited his art for over 30 years in such venues as The California African American Museum and The Skirball Museum in Los Angeles, Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington D.C., The Art of Living Black, Pro Arts Open Studio, Kroma Gallery in Maryland, African American Museum and Cultural Complex in San Francisco and many others.

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